Safety is a Shared Responsibility

Natural gas pipelines are one of the safest transportation methods available. We want you to stay safe around gas facilities by providing information about identifying, reacting to, and reporting a gas leak.

Warning signs of a gas leak

  • Hissing noise
  • Unusual odor indoors or near the pipeline
  • Bubbling in wet or flooded area
  • Dirt being blown into the air
  • Dead or discolored vegetation near an underground pipeline
  • Abnormally dry or hardened soil
  • Fire or explosion involving pipeline facilities

Suspected gas leaks are potentially dangerous and must be reported and investigated immediately.

Remember, if you are going to work on any project that requires digging or excavation in the landscape or yard you must call Diggers Hotline. It’s the law!

What to do if you suspect a leak

  • Evacuate the building or area immediately.
  • Do not use the telephones (including cell phones), doorbells, light switches, pagers, or any other electrical equipment/
  • Do not start up or shut down any vehicles, machinery or equipment near the area.
  • Travel upwind to escape any potentially dangerous accumulation of gas.
  • Do not re-enter the area until told it is safe.
  • Call the Midwest Natural Gas Emergency Line at (877) 817-3119 from a safe location far away from the leak location.
  • Do not light a match, operate light switches, garage door openers, appliances, engines, or any other potential source of ignition.
  • Do not attempt to control the leak. If the gas is burning – let it.
  • Keep other people and any animals out of the area until help arrives.