Bill Payment Options

Midwest Natural Gas, Inc. provides multiple options to pay our bill. If you have any questions regarding any of these payment options, please contact your local Midwest Natural Gas, Inc. office.

Customer Online Portal

Midwest Natural Gas now offers an online portal for our customers! To opt in for paperless billing and/or to set up an account to view and pay your bills, please click on the button below to access the MNG Portal.

PLEASE NOTE:  that payments tendered through this portal will be assessed a one-time convenience fee based on the total amount due. Convenience fees are in additions to the amount(s) owed and are calculated as follows:

  • $1.00 convenience fee for payments using bank accounts.
  • 2.9% + $0.30 convenience fee for payments using credit or debit cards.

Electronic Bill Pay

Midwest Natural Gas, Inc. offers the convenience of Electronic Bill Pay which will automatically pay your monthly gas bill on the billing due date directly from your checking or saving account. There is currently no charge for this service. To sign up for Electronic Bill Pay, please download the application by clicking the button below.

Bill Pay Through Your Financial Institution

You may use your bank or financial institution’s bill payment system and have them send us the payment either as a on-time or as a monthly recurring payment. The cost for this method, if any, will be charged to you by your bank or financial institution. If you use this method of payment, please be sure that you use your current customer number exactly as it appears on your billing statement.

Debit or Credit Card

You can choose to pay your Midwest Natural Gas, Inc. bill with a debit or credit card by contacting Payment Service Network (PSN) to make such a payment. You may contact PSN either by phone at 1-877-885-7968 or online using the button below. If you choose this payment option, there will be a $3.30 transaction fee (Midwest Natural Gas, Inc. does not benefit from this fee) with a maximum payment amount of $600.00 allowed per transaction.

Mail or In Person

You may send a check or money order payment through the mail or pay with a check, money order, or cash in person at one of the Midwest Natural Gas, Inc. offices.

Pay Stations

Pay your bill at one of our pay station locations. Find the closest to your community here.

How To Understand Your Bill

Are you having trouble understanding how to read your bill? We’ve got you covered! Click the button below to see a copy of a bill with helpful tips highlighted in red. Still need help? Call your local Midwest Natural Gas, Inc office for assistance.

Payment Plans

Midwest Natural Gas, Inc. offers a Budget Plan and Deferred Payment Plan to assist you in keeping your account status current. If you have any questions regarding the plan options, please contact your local Midwest Natural Gas, Inc. office.

Budget Plan

Our Budget Plan makes bill payments a little easier to manage during peak usage including months when heating is needed. Learn more about the budget plan and how to sign up below.

We estimate your annual gas consumption based on historical usage when available or upon appliance load requirements when historical data is not available. We multiply this estimated consumption by the estimated applicable rates through the end of the budget year. This total is then divided by 12, giving us your monthly budget amount.

The Budget Payment Program is offered to help customers combat the large monthly fuel bills of the heating season by allowing them to make fixed monthly payments. The goal is for your calculated budget amount to accrue a credit on your account for the first few months so that the budget amount will get you through the heating season, where your bills are usually higher than the budget amount. Your account balance or credit and your monthly usage can still be found on the bottom portion of your billing statement. The budget year begins in August and ends in July, where you will see your remaining balance to be paid before we begin the budget program again in August.

No. If you are on the program and maintain your monthly payments, you will automatically be put back on the budget program every August, unless you request to be removed.

Every August and February we evaluate and recalculate the budget amounts to reflect current circumstances such as unforeseen temperature, rate or usage increases, and decreases.

Budget payments are subject to late payment charges. If you miss budget payments and your account falls behind, you will be removed from the program and your outstanding balance will be on your next statement, to be paid by the due date. Your account must also be at a zero balance by the due date noted on your July clean-up statement.


Click the button below, fill out the information on the form, and mail it to Midwest Natural Gas, Inc. in the return envelope with your payment. If you are enrolled in our Automatic Payment Program and will not be mailing a payment, you may call the pertinent office for your billing area to enroll in the Budget Program.

Deferred Payment

Our Deferred Payment Agreement is available to our residential customers who get behind on payments. This is a negotiated payment plan to avoid the risk of your gas service being shut off. Please contact Midwest Natural Gas, Inc. if you would like to discuss a Deferred Payment Agreement.

You may also download a copy of our Deferred Payment Agreement clicking the link below, and bring it to the Midwest Natural Gas, Inc. office that services your area.