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Bill Payment Options

Midwest Natural Gas, Inc. offers these convenient ways to make a payment on your bill:

You may send a check or money order payment through the mail or pay with cash, check or money order in person. Click here for office locations.

We offer electronic bill pay which will automatically pay your monthly gas bill on the billing due date. The payment is made directly from your checking or savings account. There is currently no charge for this service. Click here to print an application and mail it to us or contact your local Midwest Natural Gas, Inc. for further details.

You may use your bank or financial institution’s bill payment system. This will allow them to send us the payment as a one-time payment or as a monthly recurring payment. The cost for this service, if any, will be charged to you by your bank or financial institution.

You can pay your monthly Midwest Natural Gas, Inc. bill with a debit or credit card using the Payment Service Network. Learn more.

Contact your local Midwest Natural Gas, Inc. office with questions, comments, or concerns regarding bill payment.